Gary Pincus  M.A.


Negative entities, no matter what they may be, are not something to be feared. They are opportunistic, looking for weaknesses as entry points to exploit.

Emotions such as fear, anger or jealousy are openings for entities.  As humans dealing with everyday problems some of these emotions are likely to arise. Places where there is a lot of physical or mental weakness, crowds, alcohol and drug use, such as bars, hospitals, airports, and shopping malls, can also be entry points for entities.  

No matter how they got here, entities are not to be feared because we as beings in a human body are immensely more powerful than any negative entities, and they can very easily be removed by myself using my training, experience and integrity. Since entities are an energy drain, checking for and clearing negative entities is a starting point for any transformational work that I do.

One way my work is unique is I respect entities, and send entities to the light or wherever they belong for their own growth and transformation. When they are cared for in this way, they are much less likely to ever return to you or anyone else.

Removing negative entities is only the first step.  When your energy field is cleared, the Spirit Enlightened process will teach and empower you to hold a high vibrational energy.  That way transformation can happen rapidly and effortlessly. 




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